2012 year of ‘Quality’ for care in Staffordshire

Over the last two years we’ve worked hard to improve the quality of care and this year the focus is even stronger

The report this week from Which Magazine says the quality of care services across the UK is variable and, in parts of the country, is appalling.

I’m sorry to say that this doesn’t entirely surprise me. I inherited a tolerance of poor quality and performance in Staffordshire’s home care services and although there are still significant challenges, sector wide, the expected quality has moved steadily upwards here since the end of 2009.

Poor quality services are now not tolerated here and sanctions for providers who can’t meet the standard required are substantial. But I’m still not happy and believe it is right we now move to the next phase of directly relating the amount paid to care providers to the quality and also the experience of the individual receiving them.

A direct correlation between quality and performance and reward. We’ve been working on this for several months and whilst it’s not easy to achieve I’m confident that the approach we go with will be nationally groundbreaking once again for Staffordshire.

In the main, care services here, both residential and domiciliary, are amongst the best but the new proposals will take it to a whole new level in Staffordshire which will be good for individuals receiving care and support and fairer to the vast majority of care providers that offer high quality services as a matter of course.

I said exactly that during an interview about the Which Report on BBC radio.

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